My painting is informed by and grounded in subtle atmospheric perceptions of natural phenomena. Close observation reveals vibrations of energy beneath surface appearances. Intuition guides my mark making. Painting becomes an immersion in a wide, wordless process of finding, forming, and sometimes dissolving, harmonies of light and color.

Recent three dimensional work is referencing the energy and patterns of networks in root systems, subterranean forest floors, and nest structures. The wrapping, knotting, knitting, and weaving are methods of, and meditations upon, interconnection. Twine and wire are materials I explored while making sculptural jewelry in the 1980’s. The many years I’ve spent tending gardens and observing plants in forests and afield, are a ground from which these pieces grow.

Morpeth Contemporary 4.17

gathering #3, of the air #1

ever abiding #4, #10, #1 on wall


                 Above photos are from a show at Morpeth Contemporary in April 2017.